21st June, 2020

UK Startup and Spin-out From The University of Sheffield Has Photonics Ambitions

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The Quantum Daily

Like other ways of manipulating qubits, photons are a lawful technology.

Radio to Microwave Ovens

‘Love might be the answer’, but since the ‘discovery’ of photons from the theoretical work of Einstein (based on earlier research by Max Planck) in the early twentieth century, they have played a major part in all aspects of technological innovation — from radio to wifi to x-rays on to microwave ovens. They serve us in multiple ways.

In layman terms, these tiny critters are simply particles of light but they are also much, much more than that.

Quantum computing (QC) as an industry has adopted these phenomena of wave-particle duality to compete with the other approaches out there being used in quantum information science.

Although it is still too early to say whether photonics-based systems will trump quantum annealing, superconducting, neutral atom based computer models, or any other, that hasn’t stopped the startups in the space believing they can be the first to build cost-effective quantum computers that can scale.

AegiQ, a UK startup founded in 2019 and a spin-out from the University of Sheffield, believes this approach will bring them rewards.

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