AI & Computing

Photonic-based quantum computers have the potential to revolutionise AI and computing by increasing vastly computational power.

Leveraging the principles of quantum mechanics, these systems can efficiently solve complex optimisation problems, accelerate machine learning algorithms, and enhance data analysis.

Paving the way for ground-breaking advancements in Al, drug discovery, cryptography, and other computationally intensive tasks currently intractable by digital computers.

Powering photonic quantum computing and information processing

Aegiq’s iSPS deterministic photon sources play a critical role in photonic quantum computing.

Reliable generation
Controlled and predictable generation of single photons is crucial for initialising and manipulating quantum states in photonic quantum computing systems.

Allow for the precise control and synchronisation of multiple photons, facilitating the scalability of photonic quantum computing systems by enabling the generation of entangled states and implementing multi-qubit operations.

Quantum gate operations
Enable the implementation of high-fidelity quantum gate operations, which are essential for performing computations in photonic quantum computers.