15th September, 2022

Aegiq kicks off work on world’s 1st deployable quantum light source supported by UK’s ISCF scheme

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  • Quantum technology start-up Aegiq receives grant from Innovate UK to develop field-deployable quantum light source

  • The system will underpin scalable applications in quantum computing and quantum communications and is part of a £500,000 project in collaboration with Fraunhofer CAP

Sheffield, UK; 15 September 2022: Aegiq, a start-up developing solutions to enable wide-scale adoption of quantum technologies around the world, today announces that it has received grant funding from Innovate UK, part of UK Research & Innovation, to develop a field-deployable high-performance quantum light source integrated solution in partnership with Fraunhofer CAP.

Leveraging a high-purity single-photon output rate, Aegiq will lower the cost and boost the performance of single-photon sources, surpassing rates that are currently available from commercial lasers. This is ideal for delivering high-speed quantum key distribution and quantum information processing, as well as being a brighter source for imaging or sensing applications. 

Aegiq has also recently secured more than £4 million in combined non-dilutive and equity investment, led by High-Tech Gründerfonds in a syndicate with Black Quant and Quantum Exponential, as well as private angels. Aegiq has also been previously awarded funding for several projects supported by Quantum Technologies Challenge, with total value of the funded consortia exceeding £20m.

Maksym Sich, CEO and co-founder at Aegiq, commented: “The grant we’ve received will go a long way in helping to bring our unique technology to wider market verticals. From quantum computing to microscopy, Aegiq is unlocking a whole new generation of applications, as quantum driven technologies become increasingly important in day-to-day life.


About Aegiq

Aegiq (/ˈiːdʒɪk/, ee-jik) is accelerating global transition to quantum stage by bringing mass-market applications with most scalable technology. It is using its pioneering single-photon and integrated quantum optics platform to build a new generation of networking and computing with quantum technology to address the growing need of global leaders to stay ahead of the curve with quantum tech .

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