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Aegiq’s iSPS™-925 is an on-demand source of indistinguishable single photons.

Our proprietary technology allows extremely high bandwidths delivered to either free-space or a single-mode fibre output for simple plug-and-play operation.

The deterministic photon source retains high indistinguishability and single photon purities, enabling orders of magnitude improvements across a range of quantum photonic applications.

Key specifications
  • operation temp: 4-50K
  • purity: > 99%
  • HOM visibility: > 90%
  • T1 / lifetime: < 100ps
  • max. THOM: 1 us
  • device efficiency*: >50%

*equivalent to efficiency of polarised single-photon output coupled into an optical single-mode fibre under optimal conditions, i.e, at least 50 polarised output single-photons coupled inside the fibre per 100 pump laser pulses

Key options
  • Light coupling option
  • Centre emission wavelength
  • FS – free space (5mm x 5mm chip typ.)
  • FS-C – free space with custom housing (e.g. for attoDRY systems, etc.)
  • FC – fibre coupled
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